Incoming Transfer Student Advising

This page gives advising procedures for Transfer Students planning to major in Electrical Engineering (EE) or Computer Engineering (CmpE) offered by the Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Department at TTU. It also presents an example (fictitious) case.

If you call or contact the ECE office, the front desk secretary will email you a 2-page write-up that explains how to get officially advised with course recommendations for the semester in which you will begin studies at TTU. Otherwise, you can get the write-up from the link below.

                ... Info_4_ECE_TransferStudents.pdf.

To give you an idea of how this all proceeds, I have fabricated a case from an incoming transfer student, J. Doe.
The following file is a fictitious email I received from J. Doe.

                  ... AdviseMePleaseEmail.txt  

I prepared the following 3 files as a response.

                  ....  Doe_J_BSEE.pdf
                  ....  Doe_J_Advice.xlsx 
                  ....  Doe_J_sub.pdf   

Lastly, I would send these files attached to an email to J. Doe with a CC to the ECE front desk secretary who would obtain the Alternate PIN and send it to J. Doe via email. Next, J. Doe can go into Eagle Online to to register. Instructions on how to register for courses in Eagle Online are found at the following link.


Note that it is unnecessary for an incoming transfer student to visit the campus to get advised. But, don't let me discourage you from visiting if you would prefer to come by in person.

Charles L. Carnal, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tennessee Technological University