Dr. David J. Crouse

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Chemistry Advisor
Tennessee Technological University
Chemistry Olympiad Coordinator, Nashville ACS


Class Schedule

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General Chemistry CHEM 1110 CHEM 1120 OWL
Organic Chemistry Sapling Learning CHEM 3010 CHEM 3020
Polymer Chemistry CHEM 4210/5210 CHEM 3010 Laboratory CHEM 3020 Laboratory
Advanced Organic Chemistry CHEM 4320/5320 CHEM 6210 Star Trek Chemistry

Education and Experience

B.S. in Chemistry, 1973, Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO

Research Chemist, 1973-75, Tnemec Co, Inc., North Kansas City, MO

Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, 1980, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1980, Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, TN

NASA-ASEE, Summer Faculty Fellowship, 1983-84, Marshall Space Flight Ctr, Huntsville, AL

ACS/PRF Visiting Faculty Fellow, 1985, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

Associate Professor of Chemistry, 1987, Tennessee Technological University

NASA-ASEE Summer Faculty Fellow, 1992-93, Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH

Area of Specialization

Organic Chemistry. Natural products synthesis; Chemical education; Polymer chemistry; Synthesis of conductive and photonic polymers.

M.S. Students

Tiffaney Mathis, "Synthesis and Characterization of o-Acylnaphthols", 2008.

Ron Coutta, "Synthesis and Photocyclization of a Substituted 1,4-Bis(benzyloxybenzoyl)benzene", 1999.

 Publications and Presentations

Haley M. Snyder and David J. Crouse, "Structural Modification of a Potential Ordered Polymer", 247th National ACS Meeting, Dallas, TX, March 2014.

N. D. Vora, J. J. Biernacki, D. J. Crouse and D. J. Swartling, "Kinetics of 4-Acetoxybenzoic Acid Synthesis", Designed Monomers and Polymers, 6, 159-173 (2003)

  Lauren M. Moody, Emily A. Oestreich, Edward C. Lisic, and David J. Crouse, "Synthesis of ortho-Quinones and their Thiosemicarbazones", 223rd National ACS Meeting, Orlando, FL, April 2002
Emily A. Oestreich, Lauren M. Moody, Edward C. Lisic, and David J. Crouse, "Synthesis and Characterization of ortho-Quinone Thiosemicarbazones", 223rd National ACS Meeting, Orlando, FL, April 2002
David J. Crouse, Amy K. McClendon, and Duane M. Hatch, "Photocyclization of a Substituted Dibenzoylbenzene", 221st National ACS Meeting, San Diego, CA, April 2001
Barbara Albers-Jackson and David J. Crouse, "Experimentally Determining the Molecular Weight of Carbon Dioxide Using a MylarTM Balloon", J. Chem. Ed. 75, pp 997-998, August (1998).
Martha J.M. Wells, Cynthia J. Toon and David J. Crouse, "Pollution in Our Communities: Air, Soil, Water and You", Chattanooga Creek Watershed Community/University Partnership Project, 1996 (Print), 1998 (CD-ROM).
Ron Coutta, David J. Crouse and Michael A. Meador, "Preparation and Photocyclization of a 1,4-bis-(benzyloxyaroyl)benzene", 211th National ACS Meeting, New Orleans, LA, March 1996
David J. Crouse and Margaret Phelps, "Meeting the Staff Development Needs of Rural Teachers", 1996 NSTA National Convention, St. Louis, MO, March 1996
Erin Watson, David J. Crouse and Michael A. Meador, "Synthesis of 1,4-bis-aroylbenzenes as Precursors to Electronic Materials", 207th National ACS Meeting, San Diego, CA, March 1994`
David J. Crouse, Margaret Phelps, Linda McGugin and Jerry Ayers, "JHSci-Training for Middle School Science Teachers", 11th Bienniel Conference on Chemical Education, Atlanta, GA, August 1990
David J. Crouse and Paul B. Kelter, "Chemistry and the Final Frontier", 11th Bienniel Conference on Chemical Education, Atlanta, GA, August 1990
Desmond M.S. Wheeler, Margaret M. Wheeler, David J. Crouse, David Duran, Ralph E. Svenningsen, and Tim Chamberlain, "Studies in the Synthesis of Adriamycin", Studies in Organic Chemistry: New Trends in Natural Products Chemistry, 26, pp 565-583, (1986).


  • Born (1951) in North Kansas City, Missouri. Raised in the nearby town of Avondale.
  • Graduated North Kansas City High School (1969).
  • Married (1973) to Ellen Haggard (also of KC), owner of Attic Window Antiques.
  • One son, Isaac (born 1980), resides in Murfreesboro.
  • Interests: Science fiction (inc. Star Trek, B5, etc.), Model building (mostly spacecraft), Football fan (Nebraska Cornhuskers, Tennessee Titans & KC Chiefs).
  • Owner - 2002 Mazda Miata MX-5, Midnight Blue Mica.

  • To send a message to Professor Crouse --> DCROUSE@TNTECH.edu
    Department of Chemistry
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    Tennessee Technological University
    Cookeville, TN 38505
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