PSI Probation

418 East Broad Street
Cookeville, TN 38501

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Brenda Reed 526-8199

David Nimmo at 526-8199

PSI provides many services and thus many opportunities for interns.

PSI probation provides supervision locally for misdemeanants referred from the Putnam County Sessions Court.  They see clients in the office mainly and monitor compliance with court ordered conditions. Officers also attend Sessions Court, take referrals from court, prepare violations, make reports to the court, maintain chronological reports, and conduct drug tests. 

PSI also has a Day Reporting Center, (DRC), that is maintained in the same building, upper level.  Referrals also come from the court.  Many of referrals are for violations for positive drug tests and shoplifting convictions. 

PSI is has classes for  juveniles from Putnam Co. Juvenile Court.  Thus students wanting to intern with juveniles will find opportunities at PSI.

PSI will take part in community service projects, such cleaning projects at Cane Creek, etc.