American History, 1607-1877

Dr. Patrick D. Reagan

History 2010-041 (#11110)						Dr. Reagan
9:40-11:40 a.m. MTWThF							Summer 2005
HH 108									HH109

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Office: Henderson Hall 109
Office Hours: 11:45--12:45 p.m. M-F and by appointment
Telephone: 372-3342 (office), 372-3332 (message), 528-3998 (home)
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Course Requirements

Read section below on Study Tips for History Classes first week and before examinations.

The objective of the course is to obtain a working thematic and factual knowledge of U.S. history between 1607 and 1877 through class attendance, lectures, readings, discussions, and examinations. Be sure toreview the materials in the Study Tips section below for excellent, practical study advice through the course, especially as you prepare for examinations.

Disability Accommodations

Students with a disability requiring accommodations should contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS). An Accommodation Request (AR) should be completed as soon as possible, preferably by the end of the first week of classes. The ODS is located in the Roaden University Center, Room 112, telephone 372-6119.

Study Tips for History Classes

Required Books

Course Themes

Reading Assignments with
Lecture and Discussion Schedule

Readings should be completed before/during the week assigned.

Assignment: Text, Preface and pp. 1-39; Hartshorne, Preface; and review course web site
Internet Resources:

July 5--Course syllabus and responsibilities/European Heritage and Cultural Contact

From Colonies to Nation, 1607-1776

Assignment: Text, pp. 39-203; Cary, Hartshorne, Preface and pp. 3-50, 69-94
Internet Resources:

July 6--Slavery in Colonial Virginia / Puritan New England
July 7--Pluralism in the Middle Colonies / Discussion of Hartshorne, pp. 3-50, 69-94
July 8--The Rise of the Assemblies, 1689-1763 / Origins of the American Revolution

Creating a Republic, 1776-1815

Assignment: Declaration of Independence and Constitution (in back of text) and text, pp. 204-300; Hartshorne, pp. 97-122 and STUDY FOR EXAMINIATION,/I>
Internet Resources:

July 11--Discussion on the Declaration of Independence / American Revolution, 1776-1783
July 12--From Confederation to Constitution, 1781-1787 / Discussion on the Constitution
July 13--The First Party System / Questions and review for examination
July 14--Examination

National Expansion, 1790-1840's

Assignment: Text, pp. 300-318, 339-366, 424-436 and Hartshorne, pp. 143-153, 125-157
Internet Resources:

July 15--Early Economic Growth / Discussion based on Hartshorne, pp. 143-157

Assignment: Text, pp. 300-436, 402-493 and Hartshorne, pp. 125-137, 155-167, 201-211, 259-271, 241-255, 213-225, 169-181
Internet Resources:

July 18--Frontier Expansion / Indian Removal
July 19--Discussion on Hartshorne, pp. 125-137, 155-167, 201-211, 259-271 and
Jacksonian Society and Politics, 1824-1840's

July 20--Immigration in Antebellum America / Discussion based on Hartshorne, pp. 241-255

Slavery, Reform and Sectionalism, 1830-1860

Assignment: Hartshorne, pp. 169-181 and STUDY FOR EXAMINATION Internet Resources:

July 21--The Old South / The Institution of Slavery
July 22--Discussion on Hartshorne, pp. 213-225 / Antebellum Women and the Family

Assignment: Text, pp. 437-461, 496-610 and Hartshorne, pp. 183-196, 273-283, 285-295
Internet Resources:

July 25--Antebellum Reform / Questions and review for examination
July 26--Examination
July 27--The War with Mexico / Sectionalism and Slavery

Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861-1877

July 28--Collapse of Second Party System / Film
July 29--Origins of the Republican Party / The American Civil War, 1861-1865

Assignment: Text, pp. 611-654, Hartshorne, pp. 297-327, and

Study for Final Examination
Internet Resources:
August 1--Political Reconstruction / From Slavery to Freedom: Economics and Society
August 2--Summary Lecture: US History, 1607-1877
August 5--Friday, Final Examination, 7:30-9:30 a.m.

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