American History, 1877-Present
Dr. Patrick D. Reagan

History 2020-041 (#50024)				Dr. Reagan
7:30-9:30 MTWRF						Summer 2009
HH 108							HH109

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Changes in Postwar America

Assignment: Text, pp. xix-xxiii and pp. 609-677
Internet Resources:

June 29--Course Syllabus / Film: "The American Industrial Revolution"
June 30--Transformation of the Post-Civil War West

Industrialization, 1870's-1900

July 1--Industrialization / The Rise of Big Business
July 2--Workers' Response to Industrialization / Discuss impact of economic change
July 3--Independence Day, Fourth of July holiday, no class

From Farm to City, Progressive Reform, and World War, 1901-1920

Assignment: Text, pp. 678-864 and Study for Examination
Internet Resources:

July 6--Farm Protest, 1870's-1890's / The Emergence of Urban America
July 7--Progressive Reform
July 8--America's Rise to World Power / The Great War, 1914-1918
July 9--Examination
July 10--Mobilizing the Home Front, 1917-1918 / The Red Scare, 1919-1920

From Prosperity to Depression, 1920-1941

Assignment: Text, pp. 866-983
Internet Resources:

July 13--New Era Prosperity / Cultural Tensions in the 1920's
July 14--The Underside of Prosperity / The Great Depression
July 15--The New Deal, 1933-1938

From the "Good War" to the Cold War, 1939-1950

Internet Resources:
July 16--Interwar American Diplomacy / World War II Abroad
July 17--World War II: The Home Front / Origins of the Cold War

Assignment: Study for Examination and, after exam, Text, pp. 984-1180
Internet Resources:

July 20--Examination
July 21--McCarthyism / The Fifties: Affluence and Anxiety

Abundance, Liberal Reform, and the Conservative Experiment, 1945-2000

Internet Resources:
July 22--From Camelot to the Great Society: 1961-1968 / The Civil Rights Movement
July 23--America's War in Vietnam /Nixon and the Road to Watergate
July 24--Women in Modern America / The Conservative Experiment

Our Times: Whither Goest Thou, America?

Assignment: Text, pp. 1181-1425 and Study for final examination
Internet Resources:

July 27--A Post-Cold War World?
July 28--Contemporary America / Final Review
July 29--Study Day

Assignment: Study Thematically for Final Examination
Internet Resources:

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