American Military History
Dr. Patrick D. Reagan

History 3360-001 (#13360)					Dr. Reagan
11:15-12:10 MWF							Spring 2008
HH 114								HH 109

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Office Hours: 10-11 a.m. MWF and by appointment in HH109
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Course Requirements

Read sections on Study Tips below first week and before examinations and the paper.
Read "Selecting Sources for the Military History class paper," before picking paper topic.
Read "Preparing to Write a Research Paper," to prepare class paper.

The objective of the course is to obtain a working knowledge of American military history through class attendance, lectures, readings, discussions, films, examinations, and a paper. Be sure to review the Study Tips section below for excellent, practical study advice, especially as you prepare for examinations and the paper. As you become more familiar with using the Internet, you might find the Military History, Selecting Sources for Research in Military History, and ROTCsites particularly interesting and useful.

Components of Course Responsibilities and Grade

  1. Class attendance and active participation mandatory
    (absences penalized up to 10 points)

  2. Examination--February 13 (100 points--25% of grade)
  3. Examination--March 26 (100 points--25% of grade)
  4. Seven-ten-page paper paper--April 14 (100 points--25% of grade):
    Ten-page, double-spaced paper based on interpretation, analytical reading, and intellectual response to Andrew J. Bacevich, The New American Militarism: How Americans Are Seduced by War (new York: Oford University Pres, 2006). Final paper must be turned in in both printed and electronic (properly labelled 3.5 inch diskette) formats.
  5. Final Examination--May 1 (100 points--25% of grade)
  6. To pass course, all requirements must be met on time and all examinations and the paper completed. Plagiarism--representing someone else's work as your own--is a violation of university polilcy and will result in a failing grade for the course at a minimum.
  7. Final grade based on points earned by your work:
    Below 240=F

Disability Accommodations

Students with a disability requiring accommodations should contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS). An Accommodation Request (AR) should be completed as soon as possible, preferably by the end of the first week of classes. The ODS is located in the Roaden University Center, Room 112, telephone 372-6119.

Study Tips for History Classes

Required Books

Reading Assignments and
Lecture and Discussion Schedule


Introduction, Themes, Key Terms

Assignment: Millett, pp. xi-xiv; handout; and Linn, pp. 1-9
(Note themes and definitions of key terms in Millett and handouts)
Internet Resources:

January 14--Course Syllabus and Responsibilities
January 18--What is Military History?
January 18--No Class; Review Study Tips section above.

Assignment: McManus, pp. ix-xv and Millett, pp. 1-46
Internet Resources:

January 21--Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, no class
January 23--Film: "The Face of Battle"
January 25--The Colonial Militia

The Formation of American Military Policy, 1607-1815

Assignment: Millett, pp. 51-106
Internet Resources:

January 28--Origins of the American Revolution
January 30--The War for American Independence
February 1--Creating Military Policy and Structure for the New Nation

Assignment: Millett, pp. 106-157 and Linn, pp. 10-29
Begin study for examination
Internet Resources:

February 4--The War of 1812: A Second War for Independence

The Military and the Nation: 1815-1898

February 6--The Interwar Military
February 8--The War with Mexico

Assignment: Study for Examination
Internet Resources:

February 11--Questions and in-class review for examination
February 13--Examination
February 15--Origins of the Civil War

Assignment: Millett, Chapter 6
Internet Resources:

February 18--The Civil War as Traditional War, 1861-1862
February 20--Civil War Weapons and Tactics
February 22--The Civil War as Total War

Assignment: Millett, pp. 203-264 and Linn, pp. 68-82
Internet Resources:

February 25--The Postwar Military
February 27--The Indian Wars of the Trans-Mississippi West
February 29--Military Professionalism Comes of Age

Assignment: Begin reading McManus, Deadly Brotherhood

March 3-7--Spring Break, No Classes

America's Rise to World Power and
the Two World Wars, 1898-1945

Assignment: Millett, pp. 265-342 and Linn, pp. 29-67. 82-115
Internet Resources:

March 10--The War with Spain: 1898
March 12--Discussion based on Linn, pp. 29-67, 82-115
March 14--The Great War, 1914-1917

Assignment: Millett, Chapters 11-12 and Linn, pp. 116-150
Internet Resources:

March 17--U.S. Military Contribution in World War I
March 19--Military Theory Between the Wars, 1919-1939
March 21--Good Friday holiday, no class

Assignment: Study for Examination and Millett, Chap. 13
Internet Resources:

March 24--The Origins of World War II
March 26--Examination
March 28--World War II in Europe: Tank Warfare

Assignment: Millett, Chapter 13 and McManus, pp. 1-153
Internet Resources:

March 31--Discussion based on McManus, pp. 1-153
April 2--World War II in the Pacific: Naval Aviation
April 4--World War II in the Pacific: The U.S. Marines

Assignment: Millett, Chap 14; McManus, pp. 154-350; and work on paper
Internet Resources:

April 7--Discussion based on McManus, pp. 154-350
April 9--Film: "Casualty"
April 11--Airpower: Testing Strategic Bombing

The Cold War, 1945-1991

Assignment: Millett, Chapters 15-17 and Linn, pp. 151-192
Internet Resources:

April 14--Origins of the Cold War

Seven-ten-page paper due at class time in print & electronic formats

April 16--An Unexpected Limited War in Korea, 1950-1953
April 18--The American Military in Vietnam

A New World?: Post Cold War and Post-9/11

Assignment: Millett, Chapter 18; Linn, pp. 193-240; and begin study for final examination
Internet Resources:

April 21--The War with Iraq, 1991

Assignment: Linn, pp. 193-240

Review Study Tips above and Reread carefully the preface in Millett and Morris for final examination
Internet Resources:

April 25--Discussion based on Linn, pp. 193-240

Assignment: Study for final examination
Internet Resources:

April 25--Discussion on Contemporary Military Issues

Assignment: Study Thematically for Final Essay Examination
Internet Resources:

May 1--Thursday, Final Examination, 10:30 a.m.--12:30 p.m

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