Introduction to Historical Method
Dr. Patrick D. Reagan

History 3410-002 (#83461)							Dr. Reagan
11:15-12:10 MWF									Fall 2008
HH 114										HH 109

Instructor Information

Office Hours: 10-11 a.m. MWF and by appointment in HH109
Telephone: 372-3342 (office), 372-3332 (message), 528-3998 (home)
Professional Experience of Dr. Reagan

Course Requirements

  1. Read sections on Study Tips below first week and before assignments.
  2. First Year Connections: University 1020
    (History 1066 serves as an equivalent course for first-year students who have declared a major in History)
  3. Read "Preparing to Write a Research Paper," to prepare class paper.
  4. Mandatory attendance and active class participation. (50 points)
  5. Selection of research paper topic and book for book review, September 19.
  6. 5-7 page paper on "The Meaning of History," September 22 (25 points)
  7. Detailed research strategy / bibliography / outline, October 15. (25 points)
  8. Oral presentation of book review, Ocotber 17-29 (25 points)
  9. Written book review due two days/first class after your oral presentation. (25 points)
  10. Three (3) copies of draft research paper, October 31.
  11. Complete research paper portfolio-- December 1 (50 points):
    10-12-page, double-spaced paper based on topic and a minimum of three outside books and, if appropriate, at least one Internet source selected with instructor consultation and instructor approval by February 8. Final paper portfolio must be turned in in both printed and electronic (properly labeled 3.5 inch diskette or CD/DVD disc) formats, while the portfolio must include copies of your Meaning of History paper, book review, research strategy/bibliography/ outline, note cards drafts, and final, polished version of the research paper.

Plagiarism of an assignment--representing someone else's work as your own--will result in failure for the entire course at a minimum. To pass the course, all requirements must be met on time and in full. (Any and all exceptions will require independent, written documentation. Final grade based on points earned by your work determined according to following scale: