Postwar America, 1945-Present
Dr. Patrick D. Reagan

History 4060-001 (#82839)                                 Dr. Reagan
11:15-12:10 MWF                                           Fall 2008
HH 114                                                    HH 109

Instructor Information

Office: Henderson Hall 109

Course Requirements

  1. Class attendance and active participation in discussions
  2. Book review, 3-5 page, double-spaced, typed--due September 19
  3. Essay examination--October 6
  4. Research paper portfolio due November 14 including:
    a) Paper topic and 3-5 books/articles chosen in consultation with instructor by Monday, September 15.
    b) Bibliography of 3/5 instructor-approved sources due September 26.
    c) Printed outline and bibliography of paper due October 22.
    d) Entire portfolio with proofread, 12-15 page, double-spaced paper due November 14.
  5. Final essay examination--December 11
  6. Components of final grade:

Disability Accommodations

Students with a disability requiring accommodations should contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS). An Accommodation Request (AR) should be completed as soon as possible, preferably by the end of the first week of classes. The ODS is located in the Roaden University Center, Room 112, telephone 372-6119.

Required Books

Study Tips for History Classes

Reading Assignments and
Lecture and Discussion Schedule

Readings should be completed the week they are assigned for.

Prologue: The Legacies of World War II

Assignment: Chafe, pp. ix-xii and HOOT, pp. xiii-xiv
Internet Resources:

August 25--Introduction
August 27--Course Syllabus and Students Responsibilities
August 29--Prologue: The Nature and Significance of Contemporary History

Assignment: Chafe, pp. 1-22
Internet Resources:

September 1--Labor Day holiday, No Class
September 3--World War II: The Military Struggle
September 5--The Home Front: Economic and Social Mobilization

Cold War, Abundance, and Anxiety, 1945-1960

Assignment: Chafe, pp. 29-73 and HOOT, pp. 1-22
Internet Resources:
September 8--The Legacies of World War II
September 10--Origins of the Cold War
September 12--The Postwar Revival of Conservatism

Assignment: Chafe, pp. 74-104 and HOOT, pp. 37-63
Internet Resources:

September 15--Anti-Communism at Home and Abroad
September 17--Discussion based on HOOT, pp. 37-63
September 19--Harry S. Truman and the Fair Deal
Book review due at class time.

Assignment: Chafe, pp. 105-139 and HOOT, pp. 65-80, 31-36
Internet Resources:

September 22--Affluence and Anxiety
September 24--Eisenhower and Modern Republicanism
September 26--Prepare printed bibliography with instructor-approved sources

Assignment: HOOT, pp. 68-74; Chafe, pp. 140-169 and Begin study for Examination
Internet Resources:

September 29--Read and review HOOT, pp. 68-74
October 1--The Other Side of the Fifties
October 3--Review and questions in class

Assignment: Study for examination; Chafe, pp. 174-215 and HOOT, pp. 93-96
Internet Resources:

October 6--Examination

The Time of Troubles: The Sixties

October 8--JFK: Bearing Any Burden?
October 10--Liberal Reform and the New Economics

Assignment: Chafe, pp. 212-261 and HOOT, pp. 94-113
Internet Resources:

October 13-14--Fall Break, No Classes
October 15--LBJ and a Vision of the Great Society
October 17--Discussion basxed on Chafe, pp. 212-261 and HOOT, pp. 94-113

Assignment: Chafe, pp. 140-169, 198-209, 221-226, 290-307 and HOOT, pp. 115-162
Internet Resources:

October 20--Film
October 22--The Civil Rights Movement
Printed outline and bibliography of paper due at class time.
October 24--Discussion based on HOOT, pp. 115-162

Assignment: Chafe, pp. 245-289 and HOOT, pp. 223-271
Internet Resources:

October 27--America and Vietnam
October 29--Discussion based on HOOT, pp. 247-294
October 31--Film: "Seeds of the Sixties"

Assignment: Chafe, pp. 307-328; HOOT, pp. 206-222, 273-286, 280-289; and work on paper
Internet Resources:

November 3--Emergence of the Counterculture
November 5--The Rise and Fall of the New Left
November 7--Discussion based on HOOT, pp. 206-222, 273-286, 280-289

Assignment: Chafe, pp. 329-364 and HOOT, pp. 287-299, 336-354
Internet Resources:

November 10--Film: "Chicago 1968"
November 12--1968: Year of Decision?
November 14--Discussion on significance of the Sixties

Assignment: Chafe, pp. 317-322 and HOOT, pp. 163-222, 300-311
Internet Resources:

November 17--The Revival of Feminism
November 19--Discussion based on HOOT, pp. 163-222
November 21--Richard M. Nixon and Postwar America

Confusion Seeking Order, 1968-1992

Assignment: Chafe, pp. 365-475; HOOT, pp. 312-335, 355-392; and Hodgson, pp. ix-xxiii
Internet Resources:

November 24--Economic Stagnation and Cultural Confusion: The Seventies
November 26--The Conservative Experiment
November 27-28--Thanksgiving Holiday, no classes

Our Times: The Retro Years

Assignment: Chafe, pp. 476-575; HOOT, pp. 393-499; and Hodgson, all
Internet Resources:

December 1--Discussion based on HOOT, pp. 393-499
December 3--Discussion based on Hodgson, pp. 1-202
December 5--Discussion based on Hodgson, pp. 203-304

Assignment: Study for Final Examination
Internet Resources: How to Prepare for and Take Essay Examinations
December 11--Thursday, Final Examination, 8-10 a.m.

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