World Food: Beyond the Kitchen

Date and Time:

 Friday, April 15, 11:15- Noon


 RUC Multipurpose Room


 Rodley Pineda (931) 372-6253


Sponsored by the College of Business Globalization Committee, this year's symposium will feature Paul Carpizo, a native of Mexico and Cookeville resident, who will demonstrate the preparation and presentation of her country's staple food - the tortilla.  Audience members will not only have an opportunity to ask questions of the presenter but will also have access to resource persons who are knowledgeable about international economic, political and social issues related to the tortilla, its main ingredient - corn (maize), and food, in general.  The audience will also be invited to participate in the demonstration and taste tests that follow.

Hosts: Dr. Rodley Pineda and Dr. Magdalena Rappl

Guest Resource Persons: Dr. Wade Faw and Dr. Jon Jonakin


Photo: Paul Carpizo and Rodley Pineda (courtesy of the Herald-Citizen)


Links of interest:

  The history, biology, and cultural and economic importance of maize

  The history of tortillas and tacos
  The history, myths, arts and traditions of Mexico