The Sustainability, Satellites. Water and Environment Research Group engages in scientific and applied research to enhance the capability of resources-poor nations for more independent and cost-effective management of water resources. The SASWE Research Group seeks to overcome the growing hydro-political limitations of conventional data sources by leveraging the increasing availability and vantage of water measuring satellites. Our research combines the disciplines of hydrologic remote sensing, hydro-politics, environmental engineering and hydrologic modeling to create an emerging knowledge base on sustainable applications of satellite remote sensing for water resources management in developing nations. We are committed to making water-based information a free commodity for planning and management for the common people in resource poor nations.In addition, the SASWE Research Group aims to make fundamental contributions in transforming 20th century Civil Engineering (water resources) practice to one that is more '21st century' and more cognizant of the inter-linked connections with the local climate. This is planned through translation of recent SASWE-discovered understanding of human modification of hydroclimatology by large water infrastructures (e.g dams/reservoirs, irrigation projects) to newer Civil Engineering design, operation and management protocols for the new century.

To become the world’s premier research group for providing leadership to resource-poor nations on sustainable applications of satellites for management of water and environment in the 21st Century. To stand out as the world's foremost research group with ideas that will lead and shape the curriculum, design, operations and management of Civil infrastructures (water resources) in the coming decade.

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