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867	Edwin Arthur Northrup (James Edwin, James, Daniel, Enos, John, William, 
Joseph) b. 8/20/1859. Merchant at Greensburg, Kansas. m. 12/17/1884 to Carrie, 
daughter of Winthrop Norton of Grieg, Lewis County, NY:
		i.	F. Arthur	b. 2/23/1886
			(other children after book was published)

738	James Edwin Northrup (James Reed, Daniel, Enos, John, William, Joseph)  b. 
12/15/1831 in Westford, Ostego County, NY.  Educated at select school, Turin, 
and Lowville Academy. Farmer at Glendale, Lewis County, NY. m.(1st) 
11/11/1854 to Elvira M. (d. 10/20/1862), daughter of Asa Beals of Grieg, NY; 
m.(2nd) 1/17/1866 to Martha Amelia Perry (d. over 4 years after her marriage) 
of Harpersville, Broom County, NY; m.(3rd) 9/8/1870 to Mrs. Christiana Sands 
Gallup, daughter of Peter Sands of Grieg, and sister of Olive J. Sands who m. 
Philip M. Northrup, and widow of Mordicai Gallup, killed in the Civil War.  By 
first wife:
		i.	Lilla M. 	b. 5/23/1856; d. 10/4/1860
		ii.	Edwin A.	b. 8/20/1859
		iii.	Fred	b. 10/20/1862; d. 5/3/1863

405	James Reed Northrup  b. 1/31/1799 in Milan, Dutchess County, NY. m. 
4/10/1823 to Anna Maria Thorn (b. 8/25/1804 in Milan; d. 4/8/1873 in Grieg, 
NY and buried on 50th anniversary of her wedding). After marriage removed to 
Westford, Otsego County, NY; lived there until 1840; then to Grieg. d. 
4/20/1879. First 8 children born at Westford:
i.	Joseph Thorn	b. 5/6/1824
ii.	Esther Elizabeth	b. 1/25/1826; m. 4/4/1847 to Orin D. Webb (d. 
                       1/4/1886). Children: Alma C., Ella M., M. 
                       Emma, Anna T., Alson C.  Resides at Fair 
                       Haven, Stearns County, MN
iii.	Daniel Lewis	b. 1/15/1828
iv.	William Henry	b. 11/13/1829; d. 4/3/1832 in Westford
v.	James Edwin	b. 1/15/1831
vi.	Philip Mulford	b. 7/26/1834
vii.	Helen Maria	b. 11/8/1836; m. ____ Dominick
viii.	Mary Thorn	b. 5/13/1839; d. 5/18/1864 in Grieg
ix.	John Thorn	b. 5/23/1841 in Grieg
x.	Philo Reed	b. 3/18/1843; d. 9/15/1843
xi.	Susan Ann	b. 12/14/1844 in Turin, NY; m. Gallup.
		Resides at Brantingham, NY

177	Daniel Northrup (Enos, John, William, Joseph) b. 1/13/1773 and lived at 
Washington, Dutchess County, NY. Was on Board of Supervisors 15 years, and 
member of Assembly of NY in 1822. m.(1st) 12/3/1797 to Betsey Reed (b. 
4/20/1780; d. 12/18/1811), daughter of Capt. James Reed, of Amenia, Dutchess 
County; m.(2nd) 11/2/1813 to Mrs. Helen (Emott) Sayres (b. 12/5/1776; d. 
1/20/1860), sister of Judge Emott of Poughkeepsie, NY. He died 1/22/1855. His 
will, executed in 1853, is recorded in Book S p.256 of wills, Dutchess County.
i.	James Reed	b. 1/31/1799 in Milan, Dutchess County
ii.	Edwin	b. 11/14/1801; m. 5/27/1828
iii.	Lewis	b. 11/12/1803
iv.	Philip	b. 3/15/1806; d. 1881 (suicide); unmarried
v.	Mulford	b. 5/3/1808
vi.	Adaline	b. 6/13/1810

75	Enos Northrup (John, William, Joseph) b. 9/14/1733 at Ridgefield. Lived for a 
time at Danbury, CT and afterward in the town of Washington, Dutchess County, 
NY. He took the oath against Catholicism, and also of fealty to King George, and 
as Under Sheriff of Dutchess County, 10/31/1771. m. Eunice Northrup, "his 
cousin" - a pretty broad term in those days. She d. 4/17/1822 in her 85th year. He 
died 9/11/1807. His will recorded in 1809, in Book C pp. 4 and 5, Dutchess 
County wills. Some of his children were probably born in Ridgefield, some in 
Dutchess County:
i.	Nathaniel	b. 12/22/1756
ii.	John	b. 5/15/1758
iii.	Lewis	b. ______
iv.	William	b. 1/26/1769
v.	Daniel	b. 1/13/1773
vi.	Sarah	b. 6/23/1780; m. Michael Palmer
vii.	Dorcas	b. 9/6/1764; m. Ebenezer Allen. She died before 
                     9/22/1804; had son Charles.
viii.	Lois	b. ______; m. William Nash; had one son.
ix.	Anna	b. ______; m. Philip Nash, brother of William; 2 child.

31	John Northrup (William, Joseph) b. 6/17/1703 in Milford; m. 8/14/1728 to 
Rebecca Roberts at Ridgefield, whither he had removed. (He probably m. 2nd 
before 3/28/1789, date of deed - Elizabeth _____). Died after 3/28/1789. Children 
born in Ridgefield:
i.	John	b. 1/14/1729; d. unmarried after 5/1802, buried at 
Mabbettsville, Dutchess County, NY.
ii.	William	b. 10/26/1730; d/ 1/14/1734
iii.	Enos	b. 9/14/1733
iv.	Rebecca	b. 9/25/1735
v.	William	b. 2/6/1737-8, probably died young or unmarried
vi.	Ruth	b. 1/11/1742-3
vii.	Samuel	b. 2/2/1746

7	William Northrup  b. 6/2/1666 in Milford. m. Mary Peck, daughter of Joseph. 
Will probated, New Haven, 6/28/1736. Children b. in Milford:
i.	William	b. 12/16/1694
ii.	Ephraim	b. 1/4/1696
iii.	Joseph	b. 2/6/1698
iv.	Hannah	b. 12/1/1699; m. 3/8/1716 to Roger Prichard, son of 
                     Roger. Roger b. 12/25/1716; Hannah b. 10/2/1718.
v.	Thomas	b. 3/16/1701
vi.	John	b. 6/17/1703
vii.	Job	b. 1705
viii.	Ann	b. 1708

1	Joseph Northrup, immigrant from England, and perhaps from Yorkshire. He was 
one of 'Eaton and Davenport's Company of good character and fortune' who 
came from England in 1637 in the ships Hector and Martin. They landed in 
Boston July 26, 1637, and settled at New Haven in April, 1638. They were mostly 
from Yorkshire, Hertfordshire and Kent. Members of this company, and of Sir 
Richard Saltonstall's Company, removed to and settled Milford, CT, and the 
'free planters of the town' were enrolled 11/30/1639; but Joseph, not then being in 
church following, his name (with others) appears in the list immediately after the 
free planters.
		The surname Northrup was spelled as here given in the earliest records and 
inscriptions on tombstones - rup - sometimes rupp, and occasionally roop, and 
more often rop, although this last termination was not common at an early 
period. Joseph1, his son Joseph2 and his sons, James, Joseph, and Moses, and most 
of their descendants, spelled the name rup; Northrop, however, was the common 
form in England.
		January 9, 1642, Joseph united with the First Church in Milford. He married 
Mary, daughter of Francis Norton, who came to Milford from Wethersfield with 
the Rev. Peter Prudden and his party. Joseph died 9/11/1669. His will was dated 
9/1/1669. It mentions of his children only Joseph, Samuel, Jeremiah and John. 
Codicil to his will says, "My mother shall have a living in my house as long as she 
lives" - perhaps meaning his wife's mother, Mrs. Norton. His wife survived him, 
and made her will 1/24/1683; mentions Joseph, Samuel, Jeremiah (omits John, 
was probably was dead), Zophar, Daniel, William and Mary - the latter two being 
in their minority - also her mother Norton. Inventory of her estate was dated 
2/28/1683. Children b. in Milford:
i.	Joseph	b. 7/17/1649
ii.	Samuel	b. 10/26/1651
iii.	Jeremiah	b. 21/14/1653
iv.	John	b. 9/7/1656; d. probably before 1683
v.	Zophar	b. 6/21/1661
vi.	Daniel	b. 8/7/1664
vii.	William	b. 6/2/1666
viii.	Mary	b. 1/6/1670

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