Central Node for UCR Foray in Clay County, Tennessee1215 June 2010

This adult Black-crowned Night-Heron was photographed in Celina, Clay County,
Tennessee, 26 August 2007, not too far from the site where one was registered
during the foray; photo Terry M. Campbell.


One of the 2010 UCR Forays was conducted in Clay County 1215 June, the first bird survey of its kind to take place in that county.  A PDF of the foray document may be accessed via this link:

    Observers taking part in this first-ever foray in Clay County are named below and their initials, as used later at the page with Raw Data (link at bottom of this page), are provided:  

HMG Heather M. Gothard
SMR Sue M. Russell
TMS Thomas M. Saya
BHS Barbara H. Stedman
SJS Stephen J. Stedman, coordinator
WAW Winston A. Walden

        The general protocol for conducting a foray in the UCR, as well as the specific instructions for UCR Forays, may be consulted at pages accessible via these links:

    A map (Figure 1) showing major roadways and watercourses in Clay County is accessible via the following link:

    A physiographic map (Figure 2) of Cumberland County, showing the location of the USGS quadrangles that coincide with it, is accessible via the link below:

Clay County encompasses land lying on the Highland Rim and land lying in the Central Basin, mainly along the Cumberland River.

    To see a map (Figure 3a) showing the 30 "blocks" (i.e., areas consisting of all or part of one-sixth of a USGS quadrangle) that were surveyed during the 2010 UCR Foray in Clay County, to access a page listing the names of the blocks and the observers who covered them, or to see a map (Figure 3b) displaying the 14 blocks in Clay County that were surveyed during the Tennessee Breeding Bird Atlas (BBA) (Nicholson 1997), click on one of the links below:

    During the 2010 UCR Foray in Clay County 107 species were observed, while during the BBA project 94 species were recorded in the county; 91 of these overlapped with species found during the 2010 UCR Foray in Clay County, and 3 species (Sharp-shinned Hawk, Willow Flycatcher, and Loggerhead Shrike) were observed during the BBA project but not during the 2010 UCR Foray. Sixteen species were recorded during the 2010 UCR Foray (Table 1) but not during the BBA project.

    To see maps showing the distribution and abundance of the species recorded during the 2010 UCR Foray in Clay County, click on the names of the species in the table below. To read an explanation of the way in which the data in the maps have been presented or to view the raw data from the 2010 UCR Foray in Clay County, click on the link for Raw Data near the bottom of this page.

    The focal species of the 2010 UCR Foray in Clay County was the Osprey; sightings of this raptor took place in two blocks during the foray.  The daily meeting place and time for foray participants was the DQ in Celina at 3:00 PM CDT.


Table 1. Species Detected during the 2010 UCR Foray in Clay County and/or during the 19861991 Breeding bird Atlas (BBA) Project (Nicholson 1997) in Clay County. Breeding species (91) in maroon were detected during the foray and during the BBA; breeding species (16) in red were detected during the foray but not during the BBA; and breeding species (3) in blue were detected during the BBA but not during the foray.  Breeding Categories and Codes: POSPossible Breeder; PRBProbable Breeder; CONConfirmed Breeder.  XPresent; PPair; AAgitated Behavior; CCourtship/Copulation; DDDistraction Display; CNAdult Carrying Nest Material; NBAdult Building Nest; UNUsed Nest; FYAdult Carrying Food for Young; BGBegging Young; FL Fledged Young; FSFecal Sac Removed from Nest by Adult; ONAdult on Nest Incubating/Tending Young (or Adult going in Entrance for Cavity-Nesting Species); NENest with Eggs; NYNest with Young. To view a map of results for species detected during the foray, click on their names.

Species Alpha Code (See Tables with Raw Data) Total Blocks where Recorded (of 30 Possible) Total Individuals Recorded during Day or Night "Counting Period" Highest Breeding Category and Code Detected in County Detected during TN BBA Project (19861991)
Canada Goose CAGO 10 161 CONFL
Wood Duck WODU 9 19 CONFL X
Mallard MALL 8 39 CONFL X
Northern Bobwhite NOBO 22 54 PRBP X
Wild Turkey WITU 19 38 CONFL
Great Blue Heron GTBH 10 15 POSX
Green Heron GRHE 8 9 POSX X
Black-crowned Night-Heron BCNH 1 1 POSX
Black Vulture BLVU 17 230 POSX X
Turkey Vulture TUVU 30 136 POSX X
Osprey OSPR 2 2 POSX X
Bald Eagle BAEA 3 2 CONUN
Sharp-shinned Hawk SSHA X
Cooper's Hawk COHA 4 4 CONCN X
Red-shouldered Hawk RSHA 14 17 PRBP X
Broad-winged Hawk BWHA 11 10 POSX X
Red-tailed Hawk RTHA 11 13 CONBG X
American Kestrel AMKE 14 24 CONFL X
Killdeer KILL 22 52 CONNE X
American Woodcock * AMWO 2 1 POSX
Rock Pigeon ROPI 8 56 CONON X
Eurasian Collared-Dove ECDO 2 4 PRBC
Mourning Dove MODO 29 395 CONCN X
Yellow-billed Cuckoo YBCU 18 26 CONCN X
Eastern Screech-Owl * EASO 6 5 POSX X
Great Horned Owl * GHOW 3 3 POSX
Barred Owl * BDOW 7 6 PRBP X
Common Nighthawk * CONI 1 1 POSX
Chuck-will's-widow * CWWI 2 2 POSX X
Eastern Whip-poor-will * WPWI 4 25 POSX X
Chimney Swift CHSW 19 60 POSX X
Ruby-throated Hummingbird RTHU 23 32 POSX X
Belted Kingfisher BEKI 13 13 POSX X
Red-headed Woodpecker RHWO 11 16 POSX
Red-bellied Woodpecker RBWO 27 77 POSX X
Downy Woodpecker DOWO 21 29 CONFL X
Hairy Woodpecker HAWO 12 13 CONFL X
Northern Flicker NOFL 21 44 CONON X
Pileated Woodpecker PIWO 22 29 PRBP X
Eastern Wood-Pewee EAWP 30 116 POSX X
Acadian Flycatcher ACFL 25 118 CONON X
Willow Flycatcher WIFL X
Eastern Phoebe EAPH 29 146 CONNY X
Great Crested Flycatcher GCFL 25 38 POSX X
Eastern Kingbird EAKI 25 97 CONFY X
Loggerhead Shrike LOSH X
White-eyed Vireo WEVI 30 232 CONCN X
Yellow-throated Vireo YTVI 26 67 POSX X
Blue-headed Vireo BHVI 2 2 POSX
Warbling Vireo WAVI 1 2 POSX X
Red-eyed Vireo REVI 30 387 POSX X
Blue Jay BLJA 29 178 CONON X
American Crow AMCR 30 404 CONFL X
Horned Lark HOLA 1 1 POSX
Purple Martin PUMA 19 526 CONNY X
Tree Swallow TRES 16 40 CONFL
Northern Rough-winged Swallow NRWS 15 44 CONFL X
Cliff Swallow CLSW 7 201 CONON
Barn Swallow BARS 28 490 CONNY X
Carolina Chickadee CACH 30 129 CONFY X
Tufted Titmouse ETTI 30 192 CONFL X
White-breasted Nuthatch WBNU 18 39 CONFY X
Carolina Wren CARW 30 298 CONNY X
House Wren HOWR 3 3 POSX X
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher BGGN 30 196 CONNY X
Eastern Bluebird EABL 30 349 CONNY X
Wood Thrush WOTH 26 99 CONFL X
American Robin AMRO 28 251 CONFY X
Gray Catbird GRCA 15 21 CONCN X
Northern Mockingbird NOMO 27 189 CONFL X
Brown Thrasher BRTH 27 62 CONCN X
European Starling EUST 28 1848 CONNY X
Cedar Waxwing CEDW 15 58 POSX X
Blue-winged Warbler BWWA 2 3 POSX X
Northern Parula NOPA 23 62 POSX X
Yellow Warbler YWAR 5 6 POSX X
Yellow-throated Warbler YTWA 23 51 POSX X
Pine Warbler PIWA 21 35 POSX X
Prairie Warbler PRAW 29 118 CONCN X
Cerulean Warbler CERW 5 11 POSX X
Black-and-white Warbler BAWW 17 29 PRBP X
American Redstart AMRE 5 18 POSX
Prothonotary Warbler PROW 9 11 CONCN X
Worm-eating Warbler WEWA 17 25 POSX X
Ovenbird OVEN 24 119 POSX X
Louisiana Waterthrush LOWA 17 44 PRBA X
Kentucky Warbler KEWA 16 41 POSX X
Common Yellowthroat COYE 30 308 CONFS X
Hooded Warbler HOWA 21 80 PRBP X
Yellow-breasted Chat YBCH 30 212 PRBC X
Eastern Towhee EATO 29 230 CONFL X
Chipping Sparrow CHSP 30 356 CONNY X
Field Sparrow FISP 30 310 CONFY X
Grasshopper Sparrow GRSP 13 31 POSX X
Song Sparrow SOSP 27 221 CONFL X
Summer Tanager SUTA 30 85 PRBP X
Scarlet Tanager SCTA 22 79 POSX X
Northern Cardinal NOCA 30 428 CONFY X
Blue Grosbeak BLGR 27 128 PRBA X
Indigo Bunting INBU 30 895 CONFY X
Dickcissel DICK 4 17 POSX X
Red-winged Blackbird RWBL 28 382 CONON X
Eastern Meadowlark EAME 24 241 CONFY X
Common Grackle COGR 24 196 CONON X
Brown-headed Cowbird BHCO 30 330 CONFL X
Orchard Oriole OROR 30 143 CONCN X
Baltimore Oriole BAOR 3 4 CONCN
House Finch HOFI 16 64 CONON X
American Goldfinch AMGO 29 235 POSX X
House Sparrow HOSP 23 222 CONON X
Total Individuals 14236
Total Hours:Minutes of Effort 71:45
    Possible Breeding Species 41
    Probable Breeding Species 11
    Confirmed Breeding Species 55
Total Breeding Species 107 94

* Numerical data reflect results from 6 night counting periods.


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