Format for Title and Abstract Submissions


Instructions for Titles and Abstracts:

1.     The title and abstract should be typed with 10-point Arial (NOT Times New Roman as in previous years).

2.     Type the title in sentence case (NOT in ALL CAPS as in previous years).

3.     Following the title, type in bold italics the first name, middle initial (if desired), and last name of each author. Do not include academic     degrees.

4.     Indicate student author(s) with an asterisk following the name(s).

5.     The authors’ names should be followed in italics by the official name(s) of the academic institution, city, and state (no abbreviations).

6.     The abstract text should begin immediately after the address. The right margin should not be justified.

7.     The abstract should state concisely the purpose, objectives, results, and conclusions.

8.     The abstract should be written as a single paragraph not to exceed 150 words.

9.     Do not include literature citations or diagrams.

10.  Scientific names should be indicated by italic type.


Single author, single institution:

 Incidence of Salmonella in turtles at the Dunbar Cave State Natural Area, Clarksville, Tennessee.  Don C. Dailey, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee.  The body of the abstract text would be inserted here without justifying the right margin.


Multiple authors, single institution:

 Home range and habitat utilization of white-tailed deer in western Tennessee.  John R. Ouellette*, Devlin S. Fung, and Michael L. Kennedy, The University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee.  The body of the abstract text would be inserted here without justifying the right margin.


Two authors, two institutions:

 Mesophase structure of columnar liquid crystals.  M. Sarkar* and N. Spielberg, Tennessee State University, Nashville, Tennessee, and Kent State University, Kent, Ohio.  The body of the abstract text would be inserted here without justifying the right margin.


Multiple authors, multiple institutions:

 The effects of unilateral versus bilateral carotid body denervation on respiration.  Jeanne Beals*, David O'Drobinak, Paul Martino, and Hubert Forster, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee (JB, DO), and Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (PM, HF).  The body of the abstract text would be inserted here without justifying the right margin.



Title Submission Form (Unlocked)

Send this form or all requested information by email attachment (rename to include contact person’s last name) to the appropriate Section Chairperson for receipt by September 15.  Use one form per submission.  Oral presentations are limited to 15 minutes, including questions.  At least one author must be a member of TAS.  Note that an electronic version of the abstract must be sent to the Section Chairperson by November 1 (see instruction on Abstract Submission Form).

Note: Student presenters will automatically be considered for the Student Award Competition.

Name of contact person:                                                                                                           

Address line one:                                                                                                                       

Address line two:                                                                                                                       

City:                                                         State:                            Zip:                               

Phone:                           Fax:                         email:                                                            

TAS member’s name:                                                                                                                

Section for Presentation (circle one):

 Botany                                                   Geology and Geography                        Physics and Astronomy

 Cell and Molecular Biology                   Health and Medical Sciences                 Science/Math Teaching

 Chemistry                                              History of Science                                 Zoology

 Engineering & Engineering Tech            Mathematics/Computer Science            Microbiology

Intended Format of Presentation:       poster                 oral (only PowerPoint® supported)

  This abstract has ___ has not ___ been submitted at a previous TAS Annual or Collegiate Meeting.


Abstracts will be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science.  Publication is contingent on presentation at the Annual Meeting.  By November 1, send an e-mail attachment of the abstract to the appropriate Section Chairperson (see separate listing of chairpersons--below).  Those presentations whose abstracts have not been received by the Journal Editor by December 1 will have only their titles published.



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