Results of Bird Inventory in the Obed Wild and Scenic River, Morgan County, Tennessee, August 2003 to July 2004


Under contract with the National Park Service, Barbara and Stephen Stedman conducted a bird inventory of this park service unit for each season of the year, beginning the inventory during fall 2003 and completing it at the end of summer 2005.

   If you have data about any bird species not noted below or for any seasons without records in the table below, even if from a year before 2003, please contact us at the following e-mail address with the particulars of the sighting, including as accurate a date as possible:


    Fall 2003 data were collected by BHS on the following dates: 15 August, 11 September,1, 17, and 30 October, and 13, 20, and 22 November 2003.  x = present on at least one of the dates indicated.

    Winter 2003-2004 data were collected by BHS on the following dates: 8-9 December 2003 and 10 February 2004.  x = present on at least one of the dates indicated.

    Spring 2004 data were collected by BHS on the following dates: 19, 23, and 27 March and 3 and 24 April, and 6 May. x = present on at least one of the dates indicated.

    Summer 2004 data were collected by BHS on the following dates: 3-4, 6, 14, 16-17, 20, and 25 June.  Summer 2004 point count data reflect results of 30 stops surveyed 10 minutes each by BHS.  x = present on at least one of the dates indicated.

    Codes for breeding evidence follow (a date is provided with codes for probable and confirmed breeding):

        Possible Breeders:

            X = present

        Probable Breeders:

            T = territorial (present at same site on dates at least a week apart)
            P = pair
            A = agitated behavior (presumably near nest or young)
            C = courtship or copulation

        Confirmed Breeders:

            DD = distraction display
            CN = adult carrying nest material
            NB = adult building nest
            UN = used nest
            FY = adult carrying food for young
            BG = begging young
            FL = fledged young
           FS = fecal sac removed from nest by adult
            ON = adult on nest incubating
            NE = nest with eggs
            NY = nest with young

    A checklist of the birds of the OWSR is available at this link:

    The following table summarizes bird inventory work at the Obed Wild and Scenic River from August 2003 to July 2004.



Winter  Spring Summer Breeding
2003 2003-2004 2004 2004 Point Counts Evidence
Stops Individuals
Canada Goose x x x
Wood Duck x x x x 1 1
American Black Duck x
Blue-winged Teal x
Bufflehead x
Hooded Merganser x x
Ruffed Grouse x x
Wild Turkey x x x x 1 1
Northern Bobwhite x x 1 1
Great Blue Heron x x x x
Black Vulture x x x x
Turkey Vulture x x x x 2 3
Osprey x x 1 1
Bald Eagle *** x
Sharp-shinned Hawk x x 1 1
Cooper's Hawk x x
Red-shouldered Hawk x x x x 3 3
Broad-winged Hawk x x 1 1 BG 06-16
Red-tailed Hawk x x x x 1 1
American Kestrel x
Peregrine Falcon *
Sandhill Crane x
Killdeer x
American Woodcock x x x x
Rock Pigeon x x
Mourning Dove x x x 15 39
Yellow-billed Cuckoo x x 6 6
Barn Owl x
Eastern Screech-Owl x x x x
Great Horned Owl x x
Barred Owl x x x x
Chuck-will'-widow x
Whip-poor-will x x
Chimney Swift x x x
Ruby-throated Hummingbird x x x 2 2
Belted Kingfisher x x x x 4 4
Red-headed Woodpecker x x
Red-bellied Woodpecker x x x x 1 2
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker x x x
Downy Woodpecker x x x x 9 17
Hairy Woodpecker x x x x 8 15
Northern Flicker x x x x 3 4
Pileated Woodpecker x x x x 13 17
Eastern Wood-Pewee x x 4 4
Acadian Flycatcher x 14 35
Least Flycatcher x
Eastern Phoebe x x x x 12 15 ON 06-25
Great Crested Flycatcher x 1 1
Eastern Kingbird x
White-eyed Vireo x x 6 9
Yellow-throated Vireo x x 3 3
Blue-headed Vireo x x x 19 40
Red-eyed Vireo x x 30 89
Blue Jay x x x x 17 38
American Crow x x x x 12 38
Purple Martin x 1 2
Tree Swallow 1 1
N. Rough-winged Swallow x x 5 10
Carolina Chickadee x x x x 15 32
Tufted Titmouse x x x x 16 32
Red-breasted Nuthatch x x x
White-breasted Nuthatch x x x x 12 24
Brown Creeper x x
Carolina Wren x x x x 21 68
Winter Wren x x x
Golden-crowned Kinglet x x x
Ruby-crowned Kinglet x x
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher x x 5 9
Eastern Bluebird x x x x 2 2
Gray-cheeked Thrush x
Swainson's Thrush x
Hermit Thrush x x x
Wood Thrush x x 19 33
American Robin x x x x 2 2
Gray Catbird x x 1 2
Brown Thrasher x x x x 4 6
European Starling x x 1 16
Cedar Waxwing x x CN 08-15-03
Tennessee Warbler x
Orange-crowned Warbler x
Northern Parula x x x 9 11
Chestnut-sided Warbler x
Magnolia Warbler x
Yellow-rumped Warbler x x x
Black-throated Green Warbler x x x 11 18
Blackburnian Warbler x
Yellow-throated Warbler x x x 12 15
Pine Warbler x x x 8 11
Prairie Warbler x x 2 2
Palm Warbler x
Bay-breasted Warbler x
Black-and-white Warbler x x x 15 23 FL 06-16
Worm-eating Warbler x x 13 16
Swainson's Warbler x 2 2
Ovenbird x x 14 27
Louisiana Waterthrush x x 11 17
Kentucky Warbler x 1 2
Common Yellowthroat x x 2 2
Hooded Warbler x x 24 50
Yellow-breasted Chat x 3 4
Summer Tanager x x 2 4
Scarlet Tanager x x 26 53
Eastern Towhee x x x x 9 14
Chipping Sparrow x x 2 4
Field Sparrow x x x x
Fox Sparrow x x
Song Sparrow x x x x 2 4
Lincoln's Sparrow x
Swamp Sparrow x x
White-throated Sparrow x x x
Dark-eyed Junco x x x
Northern Cardinal x x x x 19 53
Rose-breasted Grosbeak x
Blue Grosbeak x x
Indigo Bunting x x 18 46
Red-winged Blackbird x
Common Grackle x x x
Brown-headed Cowbird x 3 8
Purple Finch x x x
House Finch x x x
Pine Siskin ** x x
American Goldfinch x x x x 3 8 FL 08-31

   * An immature Peregrine Falcon was sighted near the end of the Point Trail 1 October 2003, providing a first record for the park.

   ** Twelve Pine Siskins were noted 13 November 2003.

   *** A Bald Eagle was heard 22 November 2003 (BHS) and seen on a different date in the same area by a recreational boater.