Classroom Applications of
Mineral Exploration,
Mining, Mineral Recovery,
and Use
for Middle and High School Teachers
Sponsored By:
Tennessee Technological University
Michigan Technological University
National Science Foundation with major support from
The National Science Foundation

TESI Sessions

July 10-29, 2005

July 16-28, 2006


Teachers Earth Science Institute featured as a summer learning highlight by National Science Foundation

Preparing dynamiteThe Teachers Earth Science Institute utilizes mineral science and mineral processing to enhance the teaching of science in middle and high schools. Teachers will be involved in hands-on, discovery-based activities that integrate concepts in math, physics and chemistry with elements of social science. Institute programs comply with the National Science Education Standards (NSES). Teachers will receive six graduate education credits upon completion of the Institute. Three credits are awarded each summer.

Science teachers at middle and high schools are invited to submit an application for Institute enrollment. Space is limited to 24 teachers per year. Participants will form a class of teachers with varying years of teaching experience from newly-certified to master teacher level.

Course Schedule

Learning the load, haul, dump cycleIn general, daily sessions will be held from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Some field trips may begin as early as 7:30 am and end at 5:30 pm. All indoor sessions will be conducted on the Michigan Technological University campus.

Research investigations, laboratory experiments, and field trips are an integral part of the Institute and include visits to study geology, surface and underground mining, mineral processing, and related industrial activities. Participants will conduct drilling and blasting in an underground mine to free mineral specimens for collecting. These activities and others may involve dusty, noisy, or damp situations. Participants should be prepared to dress accordingly.

Participating teachers are expected to return to the Institute in 2006 for two weeks to share teaching experiences with colleagues, mentor new Institute participants, and attend leadership training sessions and classroom assessment workshops.

Graduate Credits

Rock and Mineral collecting opportunitiesMichigan Technological University will grant six semester hours of graduate-level, certification credit to those who complete both sessions of the Institute. Three credits will be awarded at the end of each summer session. The credits are accepted by the State of Michigan in approved course of study programs and are generally accepted by other states. They may also be applied toward obtaining a Master's degree from Michigan Technological University.

Michigan Technological University is not responsible for meeting individual deadlines for credits toward teaching certification and/or salary increases. Official transcripts for current course work will be available upon request approximately two weeks after completion of Institute attendance and participation requirements.

Working underground Class Pow wow Hands-on experience in underground mining

Teacher Commitments

  • Attend Institute sessions for three weeks during summer 2005 (July 10-July 29) and for two weeks during summer 2006 (July 16-July 28). Develop and implement curricula and classroom plans and activities incorporating materials from the Institute.
  • Maintain a journal of experiences resulting from Institute attendance
  • Share experiences and materials with colleagues
  • Participate in Institute assessment and academic year workshops.  Develop and implement curricula and classroom plans
  • Prepare individual lesson plans and group unit plans
    based on Institute topics while attending.

Participant Stipends and Expense Allowance

Undergound in a mineA stipend of $60 per day ($300 per week) will be paid to each participant while in attendance at the Institute. Transportation, accommodations, and meals will be provided. Participants will also receive transportation reimbursement for two round trips from their place of residence to Houghton at the federally approved rate, currently 32.5 cents per mile up to $500. Recreational activities are available during evenings and weekends. On-campus weekend participant room and board will be provided at no cost but participants need not remain in residence during the weekend.

Each participant will be provided with safety footwear, hard hats, hearing protection, and safety glasses. Participants are encouraged to bring rock hammers and hand lenses.

For Additional Information:
Registration and Housing:(906) 487-2263 or
Program Content: Dr. Francis Otuonye, Program Director,
(931)372-3374 or

How will the Teachers Earth Science Institute
benefit you?
  • Take-home materials relating to mineral exploration, mining, mineral recovery and use, careers, and environmental responsibility -- classroom materials, model lesson plans, manuals, workbooks, mineral kits.
  • Formal professional development sessions in assessment and leadership
  • Graduate and certification credits
  • Field experiences, research projects and laboratory sessions

News Release about the TESI: NSF Gives MTU $1.5 Million
for Teachers' Earth Science Institute


2005-2006 Session
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Program Brochure 2005 Session
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Program Application for 2005-06 Session
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Dr. Francis O. Otuonye

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