March 5, 2006 - My leg, three weeks after removal of the intramedullar 
nail.  There's very little swelling, and no soreness or pain at all.  Dr. 
Kregor prescribed a new "boot" last week, and I take it off at night, 
which is a huge improvement over that heavy brace.  The big incision
on the front of the knee is where the nail was removed.  The incision just 
below and to the right was to remove the two upper screws.  There are two 
additional incisions on the front and side of the leg above the ankle 
where the three lower screws were removed.

I am scheduled to go back to see Dr. Kregor at Vanderbilt tomorrow to 
have the stitches removed, and to get blood work to check for evidence of 
lingering infection  and side effects of the antibiotics. 

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