March 5, 2005 - Spring is coming on, but the trees have not quite started to bud.  
I am optimistic at this point, even after the setback of the staph infection inside 
my tibia.  Here I am in my new boot, out on my new deck, hobbling around on 
one crutch.  Dr. Kregor likes this kind of boot better than the previous one, so he 
wrote a prescription for a new one. It has several additional straps, giving better 
support for the bone, and the foot-bed is larger, providing more protection for the toes.  

I am very paranoid about putting full weight on the leg.  I have been easing back into 
weight-bearing, and there is no pain, and no sense of the leg flexing, but I just don't 
want anything else to go wrong.  I have workshops scheduled in May, just over two 
months away, and of course my planned summer travels out west.  I've decided to 
go through with those plans even if I am still in the boot.  If Dr. Kregor wants to see me 
during the summer, I'll fly back here for appointments.  But if the need arises, 
I suspect he would have me see one of the orthopedists he knows out west.  He
 mentioned that possibility when I talked about flying out to LA for Christmas. 

Linda arrives today for Spring Break, so she will drive me to Nashville tomorrow 
for my appointment at Vanderbilt It will be interesting to see if there are any visible 
changes in the x-rays.  They say that the linear compression from weight-bearing 
simulates bone-growth.  There was a gratifying amount of healing during the time 
the titanium nail was in place, when there was no linear compression on the bone, so 
it is logical to assume that bone growth will be accelerated now, with the
nail gone.  I am keeping my fingers crossed. 

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