April 3, 2006 - X-ray, side view of right leg, six weeks after removal of intramedullar 
nail.  This view looks considerably more promising than the last one, with good bone 
growing continuous up and down the front and back of the leg.  Note that the bone 
grafts are even looking much more solid than in earlier X-rays. 

Dr. Kregor has given me clearance for my planned summer workshops and travel, 
and I am very excited about that.  A year ago it was very difficult facing the reality 
that I would have to stay in Tennessee all summer.  I love my job and my life here 
in Tennessee, but I have come to enjoy my summers on-the-road so much, and it is 
the balance between the two that makes me appreciate both so much.  

I won't be doing any serious hiking this summer, but I've  purchased a matched pair 
of Komperdell hiking staffs, and I should be fine on trails with gentle 
grade.  There are plenty to choose from. 

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