June 1, 2006 - Vanderbilt Medical Center, Orthopedic Trauma Center

Dr. Kregor was out of town for the week, and I had a narrow window
of opportunity between returning from East Coast workshops and leaving
for the West Coast.  It's been two months since my last appointment, and I
needed to see the doctor before heading west, so I met with Dr. Mitchell,
another of the orthopedists  in the Orthopedic Trauma Center.  Dr. Mitchell
was very enthusiastic about these X-rays.  She said that the healing is going
extremely well, with the gaps and breaks becoming more indistinct as solid 
bone fills the voids. 

I just returned from three weeks in the East, including a workshop in Spring Island, SC,
a week with friends in western Massachusetts, and a workshop in Ithaca, NY.
It was wonderful to be "back in the game," and my leg felt just fine through this
trip.  I was able to do a lot of light-duty hiking, and especially enjoyed the trails 
on Spring Island, winding through coastal marshland and forests, with pine, 
palmetto, and live oak trees dripping with Spanish moss.  And perhaps best of all, 
it was wonderful to be working in the studio again, making my work. 

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