September 11, 2006 - Orthopedic Trauma Center, Vanderbilt Medical Center

This was my first appointment with Dr. Kregor after returning from my summer trip
out west.  They took a full set of x-rays of the leg and ankle, and when he saw them,
he officially declared my tibia healed.  I was so pleased to hear him say that.  The leg
felt strong through the summer, but I was very careful with it.  As mentioned in the previous
image, I did get back to doing some serious hiking, but used twin hiking staffs for stability 
cushioning, and wore very good hiking boots with ankle support.  I was very cautious on 
the downhill slopes, and avoided any sort of jumping.  

Dr. Kregor could not see any visible problems with the ankle that would explain why I have 
not regained full mobility.  It doesn't slow me down much.  The problem is that I cannot bend 
the foot upwards at the ankle, and you really need that movement for full mobility.  At Dr. 
Kregor's request, I went back to the physical therapists, and they prescribed an at-home
regimen of self-inflicted torture to increase ankle movement.  Four times per day, I stand on
the ball of my right foot on the edge of a step and lower my full weight, stretching the foot
upwards, holding that position for a few minutes, and repeating a number of times with a
short break between each one.  It quite painful, but after all I've been through, I have a high
pain threshold.  So far, I cannot see any gain, but I'll gladly keep it up for the prescribed
six weeks and then if there is still no change we can consider other options.   

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