May 8, 2007 - Cool Springs Surgery Center, Franklin, TN

These are the "Before" and "After" X-rays of my ankle.  I had outpatient surgery yesterday
morning at Cool Springs Surgery Center in Franklin, TN, just south of Nashville. The surgery
was performed by Dr. Marc Tressler, an ankle specialist at Vanderbilt.  The purpose and
expected outcome are discussed in the previous two journal entries.  Everything seems to have
gone very well.  These X-rays are much sharper than the previous few.  You can clearly
see the bone spurs on the talus and tibia in the first X-ray, and their absence in the
second one.  I have repeatedly looked at that image, anticipating what difference this
will make.  I am back in the "boot" 24-7 for the next two weeks, and after that it will
likely take quite a bit of physical therapy to recover significant dorsiflexion,
but I am certainly looking forward to that possibility. 

A friend drove me to Nashville for the surgery. When we got back to my house around 2:30 PM
I was starving, not having had anything to eat since dinner the previous evening, but I was also
still pretty groggy, so he made a couple of ham sandwiches.  I ate one right away, and he put
the other on a plate in the fridge, covered with plastic wrap.  After he left, I lay down on the couch
and slept for nine hours.  I woke up at midnight, used the bathroom, climbed in bed, and slept for
another nine hours.  When I got up around 9:00 this morning I thought I might have the second ham
sandwich for breakfast, but it was gone.  The plate was in the dishwasher, and the plastic
wrap was in the trash.  Apparently I ate it.  I wonder what else I did?

I'm already off the pain meds (Lortab), and Tylenol plus aspirin are doing the trick just fine. 
I have a follow-up checkup in two weeks, and if all is well, the following day I will leave for
my summer trip west.  I have four workshops scheduled, and they are all full, so I would hate
for anything to interfere with them.  I hope this is the last significant event in the broken leg
saga.  I have always tended to be fairly optimistic, and right now I am feeling guardedly
optimistic.  I am looking forward to a good summer out west. 

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