May 25, 2007
This is two and a half weeks after surgery, three days after getting the "boot" and
bandages removed.  The scar just below the ankle is from the talar cheilectomy. 
The scar further up the calf, with some of the Steri-Strips still in place,
is from the gastrocnemius recession. 

On Tuesday morning, May 22, I had my two-week post-operative checkup with
Dr. Tressler at Vanderbilt.  As soon as the boot and bandages were off, he picked
up my leg and bent my ankle farther than it has gone in over two years.  He was
very encouraged.  The incisions are healing quickly, and are causing no pain
at all.  However, the after-effects of the gastrocnemius recession are among the
more uncomfortable I have experienced in this whole broken leg saga.  Since
he clipped one of the cords connecting the Achilles tendon to the gastrocnemius
muscle, that part of the muscle didn't know what to do with itself, and
constantly felt like it was about to cramp.  That problem was getting better, but
now I have been fitted with a "night-splint."  See the next image. 

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