June 1, 2005 - They gave me "the boot."  Dr. Turnbull and his nurse 
decided I was ready for a "boot," a removable cast with a washable 
padded liner and elaborate Velcro closures.  I get to remove it for 
sleeping and bathing, and I am told that soon I will be able to swim, 
with just a rubberized Ace bandage on the leg.

They did literally "give me the boot."  The nurse was about to
call the medical supplier to see if they had one in my size, but
Dr. Turnbull asked "What's your shoe size."  When I answered, he
called his nurse back and sent her out to his car.  She came back
with what looked like a brand new device, which Dr. Turnbull wore 
last summer after injuring his leg.  A doctor friend gave it to him,
so he gave it to me, saving my insurance company $700. 

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