X-Rays While Bearing Weight on Right Leg - September 7, 2005

At the last appointment three weeks ago, Dr. Turnbull told me to place 
more weight on the leg - as much as I can stand.  I have been trying to 
do that, but I have been experiencing considerable pain when attempting to 
do so, especially through a long day of teaching.  Even more disturbing,
when I take off the "boot" in the evening, I can place my foot squarely
on the floor, and if I try to move my leg, I can watch it flexing at the
break.  It just doesn't seem to be healing.  I called Dr. Turnbull's office
 and told Brenda about these new developments.  She consulted with Dr. 
Turnbull and called me back with instructions to come in the following 
Wednesday.  This time they x-rayed the leg with me standing, placing 
some weight on the leg.  The left image on the x-ray shows that the
bottom diagonal fracture is not healing.  There is a small "cup" of bone
forming on the lower portion of the bone adjacent to the fracture, but it
is not bridging the fracture.  This coincides with the hard lump of bone
I can feel on the left side of my lower right leg, and also explains why
the lump seems to change from day to day.  That triangular fragment of
bone in the lower part of the left image seems to move around 
in relation to the section below it. 

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