New brace, November 15, 2005.  They sent me home from the hospital 
with this new kind of brace.  It has a fabricated aluminum bedplate and 
stanchion, with fleece linings on the frame and pads.  It keeps the ankle 
at a rigid right angle, but allows the wound on the front of the leg to 
breath.  It is a non-weight-bearing boot and has no rubber tread on the 
bottom, but if it makes the wound heal faster, I'll gladly be back on 
the crutches for a while.  The objective is to heal the wound so 
that I can resume physical therapy soon. 

With all the unexpected glitches in the healing of this leg, Linda and I have 
decided that it would be best if I do not travel this Christmas.  That is a big 
disappointment, but if it improves the chances of healing with no more 
glitches, I will gladly do it.  I am determined to be in at least light-
duty hiking condition by next summer. 

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