Friday, February 10, 2006 - Vanderbilt University Medical Center - The day after
surgery, just before I was discharged from the hospital.  Dr. Kregor left for Japan
right after surgery, and initially I had very little information about my condition.
I awoke from surgery to find this heavy brace on my leg, and didn't know if it was
there just to protect the incisions, as had been the case after the installation of the
hardware, or because there were problems with bone strength.  I also did not know
what they found in terms of infection.  One of the other orthopedic surgeons came
to see me, but had very little information for me, and that was frustrating.  They
discharged me in the late afternoon, and my studio assistant Wes Smith drove in
to Nashville to get me.  I was very uncomfortable and in considerable pain on the
way home, so we just went straight back to my house.  I just hate being in the
heavy brace and back on crutches.  It seems like such a huge step backwards.

I left the hospital with prescriptions for Lortab for pain, plus antibiotics Cephalixin 
500MG four times a day, and Ciprofloxin (where do they GET 
these names?) 500MG twice a day.

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