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Recent Work
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Since arriving at the Craft Center in 1994 my work has evolved back to the vessel.  Initially I created the Factory Icon series, briefly reviving the "window" imagery from my work at U-Mass, as seen on the Early Work page.  

I soon moved away from the pictorial narratives and turned to vessel forms interpreting Industrial Revolution masonry architecture, as in the Industrial Ruin Vessel series.  This work grew out of the Industrial Shard series, as seen on the Early Work page.  

In the Vessel Shrine series seen on the right, I built masonry "shrines" paying tribute to historic industrial objects or subjects.  These covered bottle or jar forms are glazed on the inside, and can be lifted off their faux-granite bases.  They all incorporate found industrial objects - a small cast iron anvil, a large bolt, and small cast iron wheels. 

If you have comments or questions about my work, please contact me.    


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