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bulletClay: A Studio Handbook, published by American Ceramic Society in 2001, is a comprehensive handbook covering virtually all aspects of forming, decorating, and firing clay work;  setting up, equipping, and operating a clay studio; and presenting and marketing work.  The book is equally suited to professional and amateur clay artists, students, and teachers.  For further information or to purchase a copy, please go to the American Ceramic Society website, click on "book catalog," click on "art books," scroll down the page and click on "Clay: A Studio Handbook."   ISBN #1-57498-090-4

bulletTool Times, a bi-monthly column in Clay Times magazine discussing a broad range of topics related to clay studio tools, fixtures, and equipment.  For individual column titles and dates, go to my Index of Tool Times Columns.  If you have suggestions for future columns, please email me.  
bulletGo to my article on Super-Refined Terra Sigillata for a comprehensive article on how to make this ceramic "elixir of the gods," including information about where to order the needed supplies and equipment. 
bulletFor a list of magazine articles and other publications, see the section on publications in my CV.

If you have questions or comments about any of my publications, please contact me.  

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