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Clay studies at the Appalachian Center for Craft feature a range of opportunities including the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program, the Craft Certificate program, and the workshop program.  To find out more, check the  Studio Facility, BFA Degree, Craft Certificate, Student Expenses, Kilns, Wood Firing, Equipment and Syllabi pages, and the Craft Center webpage

Our BFA, Certificate, and workshop programs support the full range of utilitarian and sculptural approaches to clay, including mixed-media.   Students are encouraged to develop a strong, individual body of work, and to become  autonomous and self-sufficient in the studio. 

Well-defined focus and direction are essential for success in the studio and marketplace, but they should arise from broad exploration and fluency in the medium.  Students are expected to become familiar with a wide range of forming, decorating, and firing methods, and to exhibit good craftsmanship in their work. 

For more information about coursework and program requirements in clay, check out the BFA Degree and the Craft Certificate, and look at my course syllabi.  

For additional  information about the BFA degree, the Craft Certificate Program, artist in residence opportunities, galleries/exhibitions, and the workshop program, go to the  Craft Center webpage or email me.  

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