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Requirements for the Craft Certificate

The craft certificate is ideal for those who are seeking professional-level training in craft media without the objective of a college degree, and is especially appropriate for those who already have a degree.  University entrance requirements are the same as for the BFA degree. Course requirements include most of the art courses in the BFA curriculum, but exclude the senior thesis and BFA exhibition.  At the discretion of the faculty advisor, independent study credits may be applied to a focused project showing the student's level of accomplishment upon completion of the program.  Those finishing the Craft Certificate Program receive a Certificate of Completion, and while this represents a high level of accomplishment in the medium, it is not a college degree and does not afford the level of privilege and opportunity of a BFA degree.  Students enrolled in the Craft Certificate program generally maintain a minimum of six credits per semester and complete the art foundation requirements within the first eighteen credits in the program. 

If you are interested in pursuing the Craft Certificate and/or have questions, please contact me.

Craft Certificate Requirements
Art Foundations 11 to 12 credits  (depending on whether students elects to take Art 2070, Digital Art Basics, which is only 2 credits)
bulletArt 1010 - Two Dimensional Design - 3 credits
bulletArt 2010 - Three Dimensional Design - 3 credits
bulletArt 2310 - Introduction to Drawing - 3 credit
bulletPlus one of the following:
bulletArt 2320 - Intermediate Drawing - 3 credits
bulletOr - Art 2330 - Drafting for Designers - 3 credits
bulletOr - Art 2070 - Digital Art Basics - 2 credits
Primary Emphasis in Clay 24 Credit
bulletArt 2510 - Intro to Clay - 3 Credits
bulletArt 3510 - Clay on the Wheel - 3 credits
bulletArt 3511 - Intermediate Handbuilding - 3 credits
bulletArt 3520 - Advanced Clay Studio - 3 credits
bulletArt 3521 - Advanced Clay Studio - 3 credits
bulletArt 3520 or 3521 or 3530 or 3531 - 3 credits
bulletArt 3530 or 3531 - Independent Study - 6 credits
bulletAt the discretion of the faculty advisor, a greater portion of the required advanced coursework may be taken as Art 3530 or 3531, Independent Study in Clay
Electives - 6 credits - must be outside primary area of emphasis  
bulletMay include intro courses in two studio areas, an intro and an intermediate course in one studio area, or may include non-art courses
Art History - 6 credits (two courses) selected from:
bulletArt 2110 - Art History I - 3 credits
bulletArt 2120 - Art History II - 3 credits
bulletArt 3130 - Twentieth Century Art - 3 credits
bulletArt 3150 - History of Craft I - 3 credits
bulletArt 3160 - History of Craft II - 3 credits
Total - 47 or 48 credits, depending on whether student takes Art 2070 - Digital Art Basics

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