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Handouts and Information

Below are the titles of a variety of handouts and supplementary information documents that I have 
made available.  Click on any title to access the document.  

You are welcome to print out any of these handouts for your own use, with the express understanding that 
they are copyrighted by me, and can be reproduced in multiples and distributed only with my written permission
 and with proper attribution.  If you have questions or comments, please contact me.  

General Information

BFA Senior Thesis Guidelines

BFA Thesis Checklist

BFA Gallery Guidelines

How to Write an Artist's Statement

How to Critique Artwork

Bean Dip Recipe

3-D Design Handouts and Information

Art/Sculpture/Design Vocabulary

Glue Talk

Mixed Media Materials

Looking at 3-D Work

Naturalism Versus Abstraction

The Issue of Abstraction: Things to Consider





Ceramics Handouts and Information

Glossary of Ceramic Terminology

Glossary of Ceramic Raw Materials

Clay Studio Safety

Index of Tool Times Columns

Ceramic Skills Inventory

Pottery-Friendly MFA Programs

Terra Sigillata

Engobes and Underglazes

Patinas and Glazes

Mason Underglaze Formula

Surface Relief Decoration

All Temperature Decorating Slip Recipe 

Decorating Slip Consistency Chart

ACC Stock Glazes

Making Proper Cone Packs

Types of Teabowls

Preparing Pots - Applying Terra Sig

Gravity-Feed HVLP Spraygun

All About Teapots

Making and Using Bisque Stamps and Rollers

About Covered Jars

Ceramics Handouts and Information

Soldner Mixer Instructions

Using the Bluebird Pugmill

Firing the L&L Easy-Fire Electric Kilns

Firing the ACC Downdraft Kiln

Firing the ACC Norman Updraft Kiln

Loading and Firing the ACC Soda Kiln

ACC Soda Kiln Burner System

Firing the Alpine Updraft Kiln

Hoggama General Info

Hoggama Firing Schedule

Building the Harry Davis Pugmill

ACC Clay Recipes - Mixer Load Amounts

Making Paper Clay

Testing Clays and Claybodies

Surface Design - Things to Consider

Better Handles on Mugs, Cups, and Pouring Vessels

Handbuilt Tableware - Making and Using Foamboard Slump Molds

Designing Lids and Galleries for Covered Vessels


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